War rages across the realm! For more than a decade, the nations of Arken have been locked in a global conflict. After years of brutal fighting, each side has dug in and are now attempting to forcibly keep the lands they have claimed. But a new threat has forced an uneasy cease-fire: an unknown source of power has begun to erupt throughout the land! Wild outbursts of energies have begun tearing at the world, unleashing fearsome beasts, granting strange powers, and leaving behind mysterious ruins. All the world agrees that these events pose a major threat, yet no researchers have yet been able to discern any cause behind them. However, the effects are undeniable: magic is being born on Arken!

To combat these events, a multinational effort was launched to recruit and train exceptional individuals, as well as those who have been granted access to these strange powers, to serve as shock troops; warriors deployed to the heart of each outburst in an effort to minimize damage and eliminate any new threats that arise.

For reasons all your own, you have joined in the effort to fight these magical outbursts. Welcome, recruit, to the Adventurers Guild!

The Banners of Arken